The watercourse system Storå upstream at Holstebro has a catchment area of 830 km2 shared between three municipalities.

This project is a cross-border cooperation to test new ways to detain water and thereby avert flooding in Holstebro, which is designated a risk area according to the Floods Directive.

Among the new methods are: disconnection of drainage, establishing mini wetlands, periodic increased drainage, and storage of water during different seasons.

The project is carried out in cooperation with famers and a local water utility, and examines the combining of a number of Climate Change Adaption (CCA) approaches, which together with a number of other means will increase biodiversity and ultimately, improve the water environment in the sea by reducing the leaching of nutrients. This action primarily links to governance and tools within rivers.

The project's theme is common with subproject “CCA in the hinterland and in regard to agriculture (C15.2). Parties from this project participate as sparring partners throughout the project. In Phase 2 there will be cooperation with the progress of consultancy assistance to common knowledge processing.

Main responsible beneficiary: Herning Municipality
Number of days estimated spent on action in phase 1: 215 Days
Budget: 161.861€

Beneficiaries responsible for implementation: Herning Municipality (HK) and Holstebro Municipality (HbK)

Role of Herning Municipality:

  • Is the project manager
  • Cooperates with HbK (partner) and Ikast-Brande Municipality (Primary Stakeholder, participates because the River originates in Ikast-Brande).
  • Engages and involves stakeholders such as: Utility companies, landowners, Rådgivningscentret Heden og Fjorden, SEGES (Primary Stakeholder), the local branch of the Danish Society for Nature Conservation, the Danish Nature Agency, etc.
  • Enters into special dialogue with a farmer in HK who is being engaged in the project with an area of agricultural land in HK.
  • Reports to C2C CC project-leader and cooperates with other C2C CC partners

Relation to CCA plans

  • HbK: CCA plan 
  • HK: CCA plan 
  • Ikast-Brande: CCA plan 

Relation to cross-cutting capacity building actions (C1-C7)

Linked to complementary action

Description (what, how, where and when)

C13.1 Dialogue with stakeholders, identification of suitable land

C13.2 Data collection and analyses

C13.3 Carrying out the pilot and monitoring

Reasons why this action is necessary

Constraints and assumptions

Expected results

Cost estimations



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