Layman's report

Experiences, lessons learned and recommendations are collected in the layman's report. It also contains a brief presentation of all 24 sub-projects. The report has been prepared in both Danish and English.

Forside lægmandsrapport, engelsk.jpg

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Note on groundwater projects at IWA

Note on selected innovative groundwater projects presented at the International Water Association (IWA) Congress and Exhibition 2022. 

Catalogue of measures: Management of shallowg groundwater levels

A catalogue of measures made in collaboration with the Interreg project TOPSOIL. The catalogue provides an overview of potential measures and examples of solutions to deal with the shallow groundwater. 

Read the catalogue by presseng the picture. 

Midtterm Report About the Sub Projects

Mid-term, the C2C CC projects are described in terms of key challenges and results. Download the booklet (40 pages) and get to know us.

Implementing ESS in C2C CC

Open the report about implementing Ecosystem Services in C2C CC

Patrick Rosengren Danielsen made his master thesis at Aarhus University in collaboration with the C2C CC project. THis is his report, which presents an action plan of how to implement ans utilize Ecosystem Services in the C2C CC project.

Download the report here.

Recomondations From the National conference

In October 2019 a National Conference on Climate Adaptation took place in Horsens. More than 300 professionals met and formulated a lot of recomondations for the future work with climate adaptation.

Download the recomondations here.

Combatting Climate Change

The project C24 Climate History | Culture history has published a booklet on how cultural and natural heritage can strengthen the work on climate adaptation. The publication is an intermediary from the 2-day conference on 14-15. March 2019 at the Moesgaard Museum, where researchers and experts from the museum world shared their knowledge with the C2C CC partnership.

Download the booklet(32 pages)