Randers City Council has a vision to connect the city to the water by 2021.

Historically an industrial city with a busy port, the city now faces its back to the water and the nature. However, soon the industrial area will be abolished, and a possibility for the city to turn to the water has emerged.

New Climate Change Adaption (CCA) measures will be developed and implemented while fully respecting the unique nature of the Randers Fjord and the River Gudenå, bringing biodiversity closer to the city and generating nature based recreational activities close to the city center.

The project defines the contents of the Climate Ribbon and the subsequent launch of an international tender for innovative nature-based solutions.

The project involves investors, citizens, politicians and other stakeholders.

This action is primarily linked to governance within all aspects of the hydrological cycle apart from groundwater.

Main responsible beneficiary: Randers Municipality
Number of days estimated spent on action in phase 1: 1206 Days Budget: 678.111€

Beneficiary responsible for implementation: Randers Municipality (RK)

Role of Randers Municipality

  • Is the project leader
  • Works with the following secondary stakeholders: Randers Spildevand (Randers Wastewater), Randers Havn (Randers Port), landowners within the Climate Ribbon as well as with citizens, investors and others
  • Reports and cooperates with C2C CC PM, and other C2C CC demo projects

Relation to Climate Change Adaption plans

  • Randers Municipality CCA Plan
  • Randers risk management plan

Description (What, how, where and when)

C16.1 Inspiration from EU projects, international projects, as well as C2C CC partners

C16.2 International tender

C16.3 Establishing of a showroom and workroom

C16.4 Development of financial plans

Reasons why this action is necessary

Constraints and assumptions

Expected results

Cost estimation