as recreational elements to handle coupled events between rainfall and storm surge

The Samsø island wants to implement Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) solutions with added value for biodiversity and of recreational use for the citizens.

The municipality and Samsø Waste Water Utility are in dialogue on alternative locations to accommodate both heavy rains and storm surges.

The east coast lies at very low elevation, which results in flooding inland in situations of coupled events.

The project will focus on stakeholder and citizen involvement on the design of SUDS to create added value. Conceptual designs and hydraulic modelling will be developed. This action is primarily linked to governance and tools within rivers and rainwater.

Main responsible beneficiary: Samsø Municipality
Number of days estimated spent on action in phase 1: 23 Days
Budget: 239.911€

Beneficiary responsible for implementation: Samsø Municipality (SAK)

Role of Samsø Municipality:

  • is project manager
  • cooperates with Samsø Waste Water Utility
  • coordinates with C2C CC project leader

Relation to Climate Change Adaption plans

  • Samsø Municipality's Climate Change Adaption plan is included in the municipality's spatial plan. 

Relation to cross-cutting capacity building actions (C1-C7)

Description (What, how, where, and when)

Reasons why this action is necessary

Constraints and assumptions

Expected results

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