An innovative showroom for climate development and climate tourism

The Climatorium is pivotal in the establishment of a Climate Change Adaption Cluster on coastal environment in the region.

The purpose of the Climatorium is to gather knowledge, business and tourism on CCA aspects within an innovation house.

The objective is to increase innovation through day-to-day interaction and planned in house seminars.

A list of local climate change measures and landscape characteristics will be part of a showroom. This action is primarily linked to innovation within sea & fjords and rivers.

Main responsible beneficiary: Lemvig Utility A/S
Number of days estimated spent on action in phase 1: 340 Days
Budget: 376.107€

Beneficiary responsible for implementation: Lemvig Vand og Spildevand A/S (LVS) is responsible beneficiary with Lars Holmegaard as project manager.

Role of Lemvig Vand og Spildevand A/S:

  • Is the project manager
  • Cooperates with partners: LK, AU and secondary stakeholders: Geopark West Jutland, The Danish Coastal Authority as well as the companies Plastix og TripleNine (potential stakeholders).

Relation to Climate Change Adaption plans

  • Lemvig Municipality Climate Change Adaption plan

Relation to cross-cutting capacity building actions (C1-C7) and innovative actions (C20-C24)

Description (What, how, where, and when)

Reasons why this action is necessary

Constraints and assumptions

Expected results

Cost estimation