Adding value to Climate Change Adaption coping strategies through coupled natural and cultural heritage

The aim of this project is to provide a historically informed and evidence-based dissemination platform for C2C Climate Challenge that facilitates citizen-near adaptation and long-term behavioural change.

The project couples existing environmental and cultural historical datasets together in order to provide evidence-based snapshots of past environmental conditions and human responses.

In order to create the necessary societal resilience, different coping strategies of past populations may give us concrete ideas for coping with Climate Change Adaption in a modern society. “Old-fashioned” coping strategies may entail a lot of knowledge and wisdom more or less directly applicable today, including such strategies where we adapt to natural conditions rather than fight them by constructing e.g. dykes and concrete barriers.

With a focus on hydrological changes in inland (river, lake) and coastal contexts, C24 connects directly with other C2C CC projects (e.g. C8) and makes use of existing dissemination platforms (e.g. Moesgaard Museum as well as C20, C21) in order to showcase the overall project nationally.

At the same time, this project reaches out to a wider international network through workshops and participation in international conferences.

Finally, the project will add value to C2C CC overall by translating climate history into components useable also in sustainable growth via tourism.

This project will support a broad understanding of our natural and cultural given conditions and help us to identify sustainable solutions. This action covers all aspects of C2C CC.

Main responsible beneficiary: Aarhus University
Number of days estimated spent on action in phase 1: 120 Days
Budget: 136.288€

Beneficiary responsible for implementation: Aarhus University (AU)

Role of AU

  • Is the project manager

Reports to C2C CC project-leader and cooperates with other C2C CC partners. 

Relation to cross-cutting capacity building actions (C1-C7)

Description (what, how, where and when)

C24.1 Landscape use and settlement patterns in the early Holocene in Central Jutland

C24.2 Storm surges and tsunamis along the Central Jutland coasts in historical, landscape- and geo-archaeological perspective

C24.3 Citizen-near story telling and marketing of coupled culture and climate history

Reasons why this action is necessary

Expected results

Cost estimation