The project deals with a major problem at the western part of the Limfjord; rising sea level combined with changes in the Thyborøn Channel morphology leads to a situation in the Western Limfjord in which, within less than 50 years, water levels due to storm surges will increase up to 60 cm higher than equivalent levels of today, having almost insurmountable effects technically and economically. The project has 4 sub-projects: thorough mapping of the area, cooperation models with emergency management, innovative financial plans, and preparation of conceptual design for the project area. This project is primarily linked to governance within sea & fjords an rivers.

Read "Western opening. Narrowing of the Thyborøn canal as protection against storm surges in the western Limfjort", december 2022.

Main responsible beneficiary: Lemvig Municipality
Number of days estimated spent on action in phase 1: 625 Days
Budget: 1.158.508 €

Beneficiaries responsible for implementation: The project engages a total of 14 partners around the western Limfjord, of whom 7 are Municipalities:

  • Lemvig Municipality (LK),
  • Holstebro Municipality (HbK),
  • Morsø Municipality (MK),
  • Skive Municipality (SKK),
  • Struer Municipality (STK), Thisted Municipality (TK), and
  • Vesthimmerland Municipality (VHK)

and 7 are utilities:

  • Lemvig Vand og Spildevand A/S (LVS),
  • Morsø Forsyning A/S (MF),
  • Skive Vand A/S (SKV),
  • Struer Forsyning A/S (STF),
  • Thisted Spildevand A/S (TV),
  • Vestforsyning A/S (VESTF),
  • Vesthimmerland Vand A/S(VV).

Role of Lemvig Municipality

  • Is the project manager for the implementation of the action
  • Is the Secretariat for the project team, consisting of one representative from each of the 7 municipalities and of the 7 utilities. The project team coordinates the activities across municipalities.
  • Engages other partners, primary and secondary stakeholders in the project, such as Danish Coastal Authority, The Limfjord Council, CDR, the Fire Department of North West Jutland (Nordvestjyllands Brandvæsen), the Emergency Management Unit North Jutland (Nordjyllands beredskab), Thyborøn Harbour
  • Coordinates with complementary projects (to begin with: Lemvig Vand, partner)
  • Monitors project progress, reports and cooperates with C2C CC Project Management

Relation til Climate Change Adaption (CCA) plans

  • LK CCA plan 
  • TK CCA plan 
  • MK CCA plan
  • VHK CCA plan
  • SKK CCA plan
  • STK – CCA plan under elaboration
  • HbK.


Relation to cross-cutting capacity building actions (C1-C7) and innovative actions (C20-C24)

Description: What, how, where, when

C9.1 Mapping of (secondary effects of) the project area

C9.2 New forms of cooperation with emergency management

C9.3 Financial planning

C9.4 Requirement specification for conceptual designs

Reasons why this action is necessary

Constraints and assumptions 

Expected results

Cost estimation