The scope of the Coast to Coast Climate Challenge goes beyond the included subprojects. We get inspiration, experience and knowledge from a number of other projects in Denmark and abroad.

Similarly, we inspire other projects. In most cases, we have joint activities. Concurrently with the 24 subprojects a number of national and international complimentary projects have been initiated.

These are either connected to C2C CC cause in terms of their agenda or geographic area. Some of the complimentary projects also evolved as a result of the C2C CC partners employing the knowledge and experience they had gained from being a part of C2C CC in a different context.

The following is an overview of the projects we have worked with so far (pr March 2020).


See more details about partners, finanzing etc - link (Word document)

* Call Copenhagen, KLIKOVAND and Vand i byer merged into DNNK in February 2020,